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Welcome to Membership Rewards

Earn points toward an incredible variety of food, travel, entertainment, and shopping rewards. Just sign up and work with us. With one point for virtually good deed you do, and bonus points, too, you’ll be amazed at how fast the points add up.

As an LMSA member, you will be invited to attend interactive and informative meetings on the latests plans for our chapter. In addition to the insights on the organization you gain, you also will be served breakfast, lunch, or dinner at no cost to you. There's more! As a mentorship participant member, you will also have the privilege of attening the mentorship BBQ to kick-off the year and sample some of the best BBQ outside of Texas.

With your membership comes the opportunity to travel to regional meetings and learn about the larger organization of LMSA. You will be guided by friendly LMSA members from other medical schools on tours of the inner workings of their chapters. You will also be able to observe and participate in the governing processes of LMSA Regional. Though it all, you will be able to network with new and interesting people and cultivate priceless friendships.

As a benefit an LMSA membership, you may help plan and organize exciting entertainment functions such as salsa dancing, Spanish Lunches, Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, and many more. Also, when the stress of medical school gets to be too much, you can escape on any of the numerous retreats available to our members.

When you enroll, you may earn a guided shopping spree with our Finance Chair at any of our partner retailers. For a limited time, as a finance committee member you will be able to fundraise and make purchases for the LMSA Regional Conference hosted by our chapter.

With LMSA Membership Rewards, there's no limit to the number of points you can earn, and your points will never expire. Bonus point opportunities help you earn rewards even faster. It's easy to enroll, so do it today!


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