Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

28th Annual LMSA Regional Conference is coming to Stanford

At a Crossroads: Ensuring a Healthy Future

The Mayan calendar will end in 2012. The future seems uncertain: a presidential election year is looming, and fears over social, economic and political instability appear to threaten health care. However, there is one thing of which we can be sure: as the fastest growing population in the United States, we, future and current Latino health care professionals, must continue to make health promotion a priority in our communities. Through mentorship, leadership, and political advocacy in national and global health policy, we will ensure a healthy, and prosperous future for all.

PURPOSE OF CONFERENCE: The purpose of the conference is to bring together Latino high school students, pre-medical students, medical students, graduating physicians, residents and practicing physicians interested in the healthcare of their community. The conference will include a series of workshops on the healthcare needs of the Latino community, student leadership training and healthcare policy.

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