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LSMA-Stanford Chapter reaches out to the community in a varietey of ways. Throughout the year, we are involved in community health fairs, health and science education programs, and free clinics serving the disadvantaged and medically underserved population in our community.

In our local community and across the world

LMSA-Stanford Chapter spanned the world this summer doing various community service projects and participating in volunteer programs.

Second-year medical students Jane MacLean, Joe Paraza, Jason Cuellar, and Vanessa Gabrovsky took part in Patzcuaro Help. This eight-week program allowed Stanford students to volunteer in a small hospital in Patzuaro, a town in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Students gained valuable hands-on clinical experience and at the same time learned medical Spanish and immersed themselves in the language and culture.

Third-year MSTP student Paul Hoover participated in the Spark Program. Through the program, he mentored a high school student and instructed her on the clinical presentation of a heart attack, the mechanics of the heart and circulatory system, and presentation skills. The project culminated in a presentation before her peers in the program, family and friends, other mentors, and community leaders from the state legislature.

Third-year medical students Lorie Diaz and Melina Rincon spent their summer in Laredo, Texas doing a clinical rotation. There they learned to look at broad public health issues that lead to everyday medical problems. They focused on environmental destruction, drinking water availability and cleanliness, and many other issues important to both border and broader health issues. The experience also included learning about folklore, herbs, prison health, maquiladoras, and much more. Take a moment to view a Power Point presentation highlighting this unique experience.

Many of our members participated in programs right here at Stanford. One of the programs called Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP) allows a select group of high school students to take classes in anatomy and other medical subjects and experience what medicine is all about. Another program aimed at the undergraduate level called Health Career Opportunities Program (HCOP) allowed promising premedical students the opportunity to take medical courses, design a research project, receive academic counseling and strategizing, experience in medical school mock interviews, and take part in a practice Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), just to name a few. Both programs were filled with volunteers from LMSA who taught and mentored students.


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